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During these challenging times Bruker wants to be with you. Together with several collaborators and friends, we put together a series of educational webinars that will give you insights into virus prevention and treatment. You will hear about antiviral small molecule drugs, biotherapeutics, vaccines and their mechanism of action, directly, from the experts. We hope you enjoy the time with us!
This webinar took place on April 21st 2020

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April 21, 14:00 CEST - Treatments of COVID-19: Old Drugs, New Tricks

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COVID-19 is a global pandemic caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus. There is a huge worldwide effort underway to discover vaccines and new drugs, and to repurpose old drugs to treat this disease. This talk will discuss the drugs that are currently being used to treat COVID-19: remdesivir, chloroquine and the combination of lopinavir/ritonavir.

Speaker: Niamh O’Boyle, Trinity College, Dublin



April 28, 14:00 CEST - NMR Characterisation of Polysaccharide-Based Vaccines

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Polysaccharide-protein conjugate vaccines are among the safest and most successful vaccines developed during the last 30 years. Since the first semisynthetic chemical conjugate vaccine licensed in the 1980’s to protect human against Haemophilus influenzae type b infection, conjugate vaccines against Neisseria meningitidis and Streptococcus pneumoniae have been developed and registered using the same approach (i.e. bacterial growth to produce capsular polysaccharide antigen and chemical coupling to carrier protein).

Speaker: Francesco Berti, GSK Siena, Italy



May 12, 14:00 CEST - Novel Method for Superior Lead Optimisation – Application to the Antiviral AZT

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Lead optimization in drug discovery has changed significantly during the last few years. Structural information on ligand-protein complexes, at atomic resolution, is considered to be extremely important to improve binding affinity. Moreover, the nature and energy of conformational changes of the free ligand in solution, can drive the binding recognition procedure, improving binding efficacy overall. During the webinar, we will discuss the analysis of the antiviral drug Azidothymidine AZT (or Zidovudine ZDT).


Speaker: Prof. Armando Navarro - Universidade Federal de Pernambuco, Brazil


May 19, 10:00AM EST - Work Smart: Collaborating Effectively Across Multiple Sites

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Managing and delegating work remotely can be challenging for both small startups, and large biotechs. How can research teams manage workflow in a controlled, efficient manner? How can management limit the chance of repetition when working with multiple teams across the globe? In this discussion, we will demonstrate how simple it can be to create, assign, and keep track of the workloads you have in your funnel.

Jeff Carter – Co-founder and COO Arxspan

David Farrell - Implementation Specialist Arxspan

Adham Chebbani - Enterprise SaaS Sales Manager Arxspan – A Bruker Company



June 9, 14:00 CEST - Introduction to antibodies and their analytical characterization

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During this webinar Dr. Maurizio Muroni from Astra Zeneca, Cambridge, UK, will give us an introduction on what antibodies are, their structure and an overview of some of the analytical techniques used for their structural characterization.

Speaker: Maurizio Muroni, AstraZeneca, Cambridge UK



September 08, 14:00 CEST - Comparability studies of Pharmaceutical Proteins by 2D NMR fingerprint

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Speaker: Joan Malmstron, Novo Nordisk, Denmark