Mineral Identification. Should I Lick my Crystal?

Mineral Identification. Should I Lick my Crystal?

This webinar took place on June 22nd 2017

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In this 45-minute webinar, Bruce Noll and Michael Ruf will explore mineral identification using X-ray diffraction in real time. The idea for this webinar was born when Michael caught two application scientists speculating about the type of mineral that had just been purchased at a mineral show. When one of the scientists was about to lick the crystal, Michael intervened and offered to identify the mineral within five minutes using single-crystal X-ray diffraction methods.

The webinar will showcase and explain in detail the methods that were used for successful identification. Bruce and Michael will demonstrate how to use the Fast Scan for rapid characterization, explain data scaling including a Fast Scan, talk about the use of The American Mineralogist Crystal Structure Database and finally solve and refine the structure.

Bruce and Michael will make this fun and interactive and they are open for questions while they go along with the experiment. The webinar will also be followed by a formal Q&A session.


Dr. Michael Ruf
Product Manager X-ray Crystallography US and Canada Bruker AXS Inc. Madison, WI USA
Bruce C. Noll, PhD
Senior Applications Scientist X-ray Crystallography Bruker AXS Inc. Madison, WI USA