Industrial Applications

Automotive and Aerospace

Bruker delivers measurement and mechanical testing solutions to ensure optimum component quality, from R&D to QA/QC

Driven by Quality, Powered by Reliability

Automotive and aerospace components have to work reliably under extreme conditions and constant strain. It is important to both test products under real-world conditions, and to perform precise measurements of materials and components to help predict and prevent product failures. Bruker’s mechanical testers and nanoindentation solutions are uniquely capable of replicating the exact temperature ranges, material interactions, and operating conditions of an extremely wide variety of automotive and aerospace applications.

Bruker's wide portfolio also includes a unique range of analytical tools for materials characterization on electron microscopes to analyze chemical and crystallographic properties in the sub-micron range.

Our Micro-XRF (X-Ray Fluorescence) spectrometers offer spatially resolved, non-destructive material analysis (mapping) or layer thickness analysis down to trace levels without any specimen preparation.

In addition, Bruker’s industry-leading 3D optical microscopes provide the most accurate and application-flexible surface measurements to enable faster ramp-up times, enhanced product quality, and increased productivity. Whether measuring on production floors or in QA/QC labs, Bruker delivers a testing or metrology solution for your specific measurement needs.

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The entire elecromechanical package that makes up a drivetrain needs to interact efficiently with the engine to keep the wheels and various parts of a vehicle in motion. Quantitative, repeatable metrology is thus critical to maximum, safe performance. Bruker offers high-end testing, measurement and analysis solutions for researchers, engineers, and manufacturers of drivetrain components.

Electronics and Electrical

Complex electrical assemblies support both the critical function and competitive advantage of automotive and aerospace applications. We provide precision solutions for rapid, non-contact investigation of these components for quality control and failure analysis efforts. This helps component manufacturers and system operators troubleshoot, analyze, and validate component integrity and usability.

Interior and Exterior

Producing attractive yet durable trim pieces is a must for automotive and aerospace industries. From defect detection in chrome-plated moldings and interior trim to wear measurement of synthetic coverings and rubber components, Bruker’s measurement technologies enable engineers to improve their manufacturing processes and select the most optimized materials for both aesthetics and durability.


High-precision inspection of engine components, coatings, and lubricants is essential to advanced manufacturing processes and service optimization. Bruker’s analytical tools support both high-efficiency service parameter optimization and the development of lower-cost, lighter-weight lubricants and engine components – including those constructed of non-ferrous materials and nickel-based superalloy.