Applications industrielles

Revêtements et traitement de surface

Les revêtements protègent les surfaces contre les rayures, les dommages, la corrosion et/ou améliorent l’aspect d’un produit. De plus, les revêtements peuvent fonctionnaliser des surfaces pour améliorer leur mouillabilité et l’isolation électrique et thermique.

Driving Cross-Industry Improvement in Coating Integrity and Fit

Functional and protective coatings both contribute to and protect product excellence, improving operational outcomes and end-user experiences across industries.

The purpose, characteristics, and critical specifications of industrial coatings vary greatly between applications. Yet surface refinement is an essential quality control and failure analysis process whether a product features an bioactive, photovoltaic, insular, or protective polymer coating. To do this, industrial firms rely on a broad range of tools for tribological characterization of coatings as well as performance and defect analysis. 

Our surface refinement solutions support the investigation of coating specifications, imperfections, and degradation. Assessing roughness, thickness, adhesion, homogeneity, and performance at the nanoscale enables product engineers to understand and anticipate how coatings will withstand the rigors of their designated use. Resultant surface refinements enhance product capability and integrity.