Proteomics Workshop 2021

Proteomic Section of the Czech Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Bruker Workshop
November 26, 2021, 08:30 - 09:30 am CET

Come and join Bruker’s Workshop
“Live from the lab: Real-time proteomics data procession with Bruker ProteoScape™ on the timsTOF Pro 2”

Date: November 26, 2021, 08:30 - 09:30 am CET

Run & Done - this is the concept of our new real-time database search platform Bruker ProteoScape™. The GPU - based search algorithm allows you to access immediate database search results without compromising the search space and to use smart acquisition to avoid the loss of precious sample.

Join our live demo to learn more about Bruker ProteoScape™ and how it can be seamlessly integrated in your existing proteomics workflow on the timsTOF Pro 2.

We are looking forward to meet you there!


Philipp Strohmidel, Ph. D., Application Scientist, Bruker Daltonics GmbH & Co. KG, Bremen, Germany

Philipp Strohmidel joined Bruker as Application Scientist in the proteomics team based at the Application and Demo Center in Bremen in 2020. He takes care of instrument demonstrations and customer trainings on the timsTOF platform. Dr. Strohmidel earned is Ph.D. in Analytical Chemistry at the University of Münster


Gary Kruppa, Ph.D., Vice President Proteomics at Bruker Daltonics Inc., and Managing Director of Bruker S.R.O., Billerica, MA, USA

Gary Kruppa serves as the Vice President for Proteomics at Bruker Daltonics Inc. He manages a growing global team of applications, field applications and applications development scientists, focused on developing new proteomics applications for the timsTOF Pro, and supporting customers and collaborators.  Dr. Kruppa earned his bachelor’s degree in chemistry at the University of Delaware and his Ph. D. in chemical physics at CalTech. Dr. Kruppa has been working with Bruker since 1991, where he first worked on the FTMS product line, later serving as Vice President for FTMS. From 2001 to 2004, Dr. Kruppa ran his own research lab at Sandia National Labs, where he and his team developed novel methods and reagents for chemical crosslinking of proteins for the study of protein structure. In 2004 he rejoined Bruker, where he served as Vice President for Business Development until 2014. From 2014 to 2016 Dr. Kruppa worked as CEO of MRM Proteomics Inc., to commercialize kits for quantitative MRM proteomics analysis of potential biomarkers. Dr. Kruppa returned to Bruker in 2016 to serve as Vice President for proteomics, where he helped launch the revolutionary timsTOF Pro QTOF Mass Spectrometer powered by the PASEF® method.

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