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Bioprocessing Summit 2023

Boston MA, US, August 14-17, 2023

We are excited to be back at the Bioprocessing Summit this August in Boston. Please stop by our booth #409 to learn more about the recent developments in high field and low field NMR. NMR is a powerful technology that can provide information on metabolic pathways, monitor bioprocesses and be integrated into bioPAT. For additional information please join us for out talk on Wednesday.

Bruker Presentation

Integration of Benchtop NMR as a PAT tool for optimizing Bioprocess monitoring and control

Magnetic Resonance is a powerful quantitative analysis technique that has many applications within the pharmaceutical industry. Traditionally used for structure elucidation and verification in the drug discovery process, magnetic resonance has been migrating to the drug development and manufacturing areas due to its strength in bioprocess characterization and quantification. To improve access to these analyses, Bruker has launched a portable benchtop NMR solution to simplify the use of this advanced technique to Bioprocess advanced control. In collaboration with Sanofi, this talk will focus on how NMR can be implemented for bioprocess monitoring and control. The application for the metabolites measurement in the upstream cultures will be discussed.

Matteo Pennestri,
Manager Pharmaceutical PAT & Automation, Bruker BioSpin

Gabriella Gerzon,
PhD Candidate, York University, Toronto, Canada and Consultant at Sanofi

Wednesday, August 16 at 9:30am
Track: Analytical Development

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