IonSense, a Leader In DART™ Mass Spectroscopy, Announces Acquisition by Bruker to Accelerate DART-MS Methods and Applications Development

SAUGUS, Mass. – April 6th, 2022 – IonSense Inc., the innovator of ambient DART™ (Direct Analysis in Real Time) ionization technology, announces that it has been acquired by Bruker Corporation (Nasdaq: BRKR). The deal provides IonSense with the financial investments to ramp up development of the DART ionization source technology and increase efforts in developing applications in the applied markets, including food analysis and forensics.

“This merger will help us to accelerate development of DART MS and properly resource robust applications development programs,” commented the CEO of IonSense, Jeff Zonderman. “Our vision remains to use DART to empower mass spectrometers to perform better outside their traditional LC and GC workflows. We are committed to continuing sales of our DART sources for coupling with all vendors’ mass spectrometers. In partnership with Bruker, we will leverage their strong presence and reputation in analytical instrumentation, and their investments in IonSense, to introduce our enabling technology to a wider customer audience at a faster pace.”

Commenting on the acquisition, Dr. Robert Galvin, VP Applied Markets at Bruker Daltonics, stated: “We are excited about bringing this enabling technology to our customers. We believe that mass spectrometry has a broader potential in a wider range of markets than it has previously been known for. Our financial commitment to DART will ultimately enable more people to have access to the power of mass spectrometry for today’s analytical challenges.”

DART is an ionization source that, uniquely, analyzes a variety of particles (including solids, liquids and gases) without needing any sample chromatography prior to MS analysis. This removes a time-consuming step, so users can rapidly identify samples, including many that do not ionize well using other methods, at the point of need (PoN).

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About IonSense

IonSense Corporation is the leading provider of Ambient Ionization (AI) sources, systems and integrated solutions for the $4B Mass Spectrometry (MS) marketplace. Headquartered in Saugus, MA the company manufactures, sells and markets the DART® (Direct Analysis in Real Time) ionization source, the first open air ionization product to be patented and sold commercially. For further information, please visit


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