Fully automated multispectral range FT-IR R&D spectrometer


INVENIO is Bruker’s next generation and fully upgradeable FT-IR platform from sophisticated routine to advanced research applications. The new INVENIO X with patented INTEGRALTM interferometer represents the multispectral range R&D spectrometer with the world’s highest degree of automation. Combining the pioneering 5x MultiTect technology and the INTEGRALTM interferometer with integrated automatic 3x beam splitter changer provides unmatched flexibility and performance for advanced R&D applications. A long list of further smart features, such as the additional TransitTM sample compartment, the flexible high performance optics path with up to 7 internal detectors, electronically coded windows, optional embedded touch panel with dedicated software and many more. With this webinar we will provide you an overview of the INVENIO R&D capabilities including many interesting application examples.