Scattering System


One single source for both experiments

X-ray Diffraction and Small Angle X-ray Scattering

The METALJET delivers the brightest X-ray beam of any home lab X-ray source.

Use both equally intense ports of this most powerful source to optimize your protein X-ray diffraction (PX) and small angle X-ray scattering (SAXS) experiments.

When it comes to X-ray diffraction, the D8 VENTURE with METALJET and PHOTON II detector provide you with an in-house system for X-ray crystallography that often achieves synchrotron quality data.

For biological SAXS the compact, high-performance NANOSTAR system is the best possible solution for satisfying the rapidly growing demands for SAXS data to be quantitatively combined with structural data from other techniques such as crystallography, NMR, or molecular dynamics.

The dual-port configuration can be implemented with a single end station, which gives you the flexibility to easily upgrade your capabilities. Even if you don’t need a second port right now, your future needs may change.

D8 VENTURE features and benefits

  • METALJET source and HELIOS MX focusing optics
  • Patented low-figure-error optics optimized to preserve the inherent brilliance of the METALJET
  • Fast KAPPA goniometer with smallest sphere of confuion
  • PHOTON II, large, air-cooled photon-sensitive detector
  • Highest standards of quality, performance, and reliability
  • Very compact system
  • PROTEUM2, the most comprehensive package for macromolecular crystallography
  • Dual-port configurations with seamless integration with NANOSTAR for biological SAXS  

NANOSTAR features and benefits

  • METALJET source and HELIOS P optics for the brightest and highest-quality beam available in the home laboratory
  • SCATEX scatterless pinholes for the highest flux and lowest parasitic scattering
  • VÅNTEC-2000, the largest photon-counting detector for the best signal-to-noise ratio
  • SCÅTTER, the most powerful and easiest-to-use software package for macromolecular SAXS
  • Best angular resolution for low Qmin
  • Very compact system
  • Dual-port configurations with seamless integration with D8 VENTURE crystallography systems  



DIFFRAC.SUITE™ offers a wide range of software modules for easy X-ray powder diffraction data acquisition and evaluation. Based on Microsoft's .NET technology, DIFFRAC.SUITE offers all the advantages of modern software technology for stability, maximum ease of use and networking.

The fully customizable user-interface is characterized by a plug-in framework, providing a common look, feel and operation. All measurement and evaluation software modules can be operated as individual applications or integrated together in DIFFRAC.SUITE's plug-in framework. Unlimited networking allows access and control of any number of D2 PHASER, D8 ADVANCE, D8 DISCOVER and D8 ENDEAVOR diffractometers within a customer's network.

Measurement Software:
WIZARD – Method planning
COMMANDER – Method execution and direct measurements
TOOLS – Service Interface
Powder Diffraction Software:
DQUANT – Quantitative phase analysis
EVA – Phase identification and quantitative phase analysis
TOPAS – Profile analysis, quantitative analysis, structure analysis

Materials Research Software:
SAXS – Small Angle X-ray Scattering software
XRR – Comprehensive X-ray reflectometry analysis
TEXTURE – All-round Texture analysis meets ease-of-use
LEPTOS – Thin film analysis/Residual stress investigation

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