ESPRIT Spectrum

Multiple spectra display

ESPRIT Spectrum is the basic software package of all QUANTAX systems that allows spectra acquisition from all available sources (EDS, WDS and Micro-XRF for SEM) and qualitative analysis. It comes with numerous options for fast and efficient spectrometry.

  • Spectra acquisition from all installed sources (EDS, WDS, Micro-XRF for SEM) with accurate, hardware-supported real time, live time, or event counter pre-selection
  • Automatic spectra correction for all known detector artifacts (escape, shelf, tail, shift, pile-up, etc.)
  • Multiple spectra display with selectable foreground and background spectra
  • Spectrum preview and live spectrum display with down to 100 ms refresh time to support real-time spectrometry
  • Fast access spectra buffers for acquired data, batch processing and reference spectra
  • Scaling and display options including line markers, logarithmic scaling, cps-scaling, and auto-adjustment
  • Interactive element identification tools (Finder, X-ray line browser) based on the world's most comprehensive atomic data library, alternatively automatic identification
  • Event counter for any number of selected ROIs and support of up to 8 hardware single-channel analyzers
  • Measurement parameter manager and spectrum header editor
  • Import and export of various common data formats, graphics export via clip board or image files
  • Full system control including hardware profile editor, service functions, and fast auto calibration
  • Spectrum mathematics (addition, subtraction, linear combinations)