High Performance benchtop Spark Spectrometer for metal analysis

Performance and Reliability by Design

Ease-of-use and flexibility at heart

Fast, Reliable and Always Ready

< 20 s
Measurement time with high precision
State-of-the-art HighSenseTM detection technology delivers ultrafast measurements with superior limits of detection at uncompromised precision.
± 0.2 °C
RockSteadyTM temperature stability
The active thermal stability control and insulation, maintains the optics temperature precisely at their ideal set point. This translates into analytical stability in a wide ambient temperature range, fast operational readiness and minimized energy consumption.
2 optical Systems
Parallel MultiVisionTM
The parallel MultiVisionTM optical concept employs two high resolution optics simultaneously: one vacuum ultra violet (VUV) optic, and one visible light optic (UV/VIS). Each equipped with RockSteadyTM thermal stabilization and HighSenseTM detectors.

Q6 NEWTON – Build to Last

The Q6 NEWTON is the superior OES solution for metallurgists and technicians to analyze alloy composition of metals. HighSenseTM detection technology, SmartSparkTM source, and RockSteadyTM, the active thermal stability control, are the key elements to achieve ultimate precision, speed, and reliability in metals analysis. One push of a SmartButton unleashes the power of the Q6 NEWTON and provides lightning-fast measurements, excellent precision and accuracy, combined with extremely low detection limits at 24/7 operation.

The new Argon distribution system ensures the most stable and economical way to feed the two ArgonShield’s, the electrode co-axial flow, and the VUV-spectrometer. Intelligent Argon saving routines reduce gas consumption up to 40% compared to similar spectrometers. The low maintenance spark stand comes with a large and robust sample stage, making correct positioning of bulky samples easy, while an automated sample clamp ensures optimal sample contact and hassle-free operation without giving up flexibility.

What is your analytical challenge?

Iron & Steel

Processing steel requires precise and accurate results on incoming and outgoing materials over a wide variety of alloys, incl. N at trace level.


Mastering the phosophorous and alkali content in aluminum


Copper is the building block of many alloy types. The Q6 NEWTON covers them all including oxygen determination in pure copper at trace level.


Titanium and its alloys are high-performance materials used for demanding applications like aviation & space, defence, chemical, biomedical with strictest quality requirements.

Non-ferrous metals and alloys

Lead, zinc, tin, cobalt, nickel and magnesium are widely used as alloying elements but also have a wide variety of individual applications.

Q6 NEWTON - Technical Data

  Specification Benefit

Spark Stand

Sample clamp

Low-maintenance spark stand with co-axial argon flow, large & robust sample stage.

Pneumatically driven, sample height: 120 mm.

Minimized argon consumption and maintenance, easy analysis of wires, small pieces, and bulky samples.

Hassle-free sample handling.



Maintenance-free digital source for ultra-stable spark generation: full programmable current curves with variable discharge times down to 10 µs in a 1000 Hz sparking sequence. Improved precision and stability.


TÜV Süd approved safety board with instant shutdown. Highest operational safety without interfering safety covers.


Optical System

Dual optics in optimized Paschen-Runge configuration, with RockSteady™ thermal stabilization and insulation. Fastest, simultaneous measurements with high resolution, data quality, and long-term stability.
VUV-Optic 130 - 200 nm (Ar-purged). Outstanding light elements performance (N, O, C, P, S,..) with high resolution and low argon consumption.
UV/VIS-Optic 190 - 620 nm (no-purge). Proven reliability meets lowest operational costs.
HighSense™ Detection Ultrafast, low noise readout chain, with high quantum efficiency by multiple state-of-the-art uncoated CMOS-sensors. Increased sensitivity, resolution and signal/noise ratio for highest data quality and low detection limits.


Argon Supply System

Stops contamination of optical components during measurements.

New fast purge mode, and intelligent Argon-Saver mode.

Ar ≥ 99.998 % purity (Ar 4.8).

3 bar (± 10%) supply pressure.

Copper tubing (6 mm o.d.) with Swagelok® fitting.

Permanent transparency, minimized maintenance without additional Ar consumption.

Rapid initial start-up and significantly reduced argon consumption.

Electrical Data

100 – 230 V/AC (± 10%), 50-60 Hz.

16 A (240 V) or 25 A (100 V) slow blow fuse.

600VA (max), 85 VA standby, typically: 350 VA during measurement.

Compatible to all worldwide power and current configurations.
Dimensions and Weigths

62 x 88*) x 48 cm (W x D x H), ~80 kg

*) incl. active temperature module

Compact high performance

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