Life Science Research

Structural Biology

Progress in modern life science research relies on advanced structural biology methods. Bruker’s innovative technologies guarantee highest efficiency in the determination of bio-macromolecular structures.

Understanding the Mechanisms of Life

The biological functions of macromolecules are governed by their three-dimensional structures. Whether you are studying proteins, nucleic acids, membrane bound complexes or viruses, a detailed knowledge of the structure is the key to a precise understanding of their function and mechanism of action.

Structural Biology is a multi-disciplinary field where the coordinated implementation of several analytical solutions to best characterize the complex and dynamic structure-function relationships is essential for first class results.

Establishing high resolution structural models of macromolecules, measuring distances in biologically active macromolecular structures, and following

conformational changes are widely complementary tasks which finally enable you to build the complete biological picture. Bruker’s solutions are designed to measure data fast, reliable and are easy to use. We provide you with the tools to convert data into information, information into knowledge and knowledge into sapience.

Bruker is delivering the class-leading structural characterization solution to decipher the puzzle, getting you the three-dimensional picture of the molecules with yet unknown convenience: based on NMREPRFT-IRSingle Crystal X-Ray diffraction (SC-XRD)HDX-MS and SML super-resolution microscopy.