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Sugar & Honey

Assure high-quality sugar and honey for delicious sweets and other treats

Analysis of Sugar & Honey

The sweet taste is one of the five fundamental taste sensations and a craving for many of us with a sweet tooth. Bruker offers the tools to make sure that sugar and honey are pure, authentic and of prime quality.

Analyzing sugar and sugar products with FT-NIR spectroscopy

Producing sugar from sugar cane or beet is a complex process requiring a tight quality control along the production chain to ensure optimized yield and quality. FT-NIR offers a fast and effective tool for controlling the critical QC parameters of raw materials, products and by-products in all production steps.

Near infrared spectroscopy provides accurate analysis results of multiple components like Brix, Pol, dry matter, moisture and ash within seconds. It is a non-destructive method without any sample preparation and does not require the use of any solvents or reagents. Operators can easily perform the real time measurements resulting in huge time and cost savings. FT-NIR can be implemented in the lab of a sugar mill, at-line in the production area or even on-line in order to control products and by-products.

In the sugar industry, the determination of the water content of pulped sugar beet at various manufacturing stages is essential. The water content of wet pulp, pressed pulp, and syrup dry pulp can be easily and accurately measured by TD-NMR. The simplicity of the method makes it suitable for production monitoring and control. The main advantage of this method is the short measurement time (<30 minutes), including sample preparation.