Industrial Applications

Medical Devices and Implants

Enhancing device and implant performance by providing advanced support for product and process innovation for a vast assortment of unique designs and material specifications

Creating Medical Devices and Implants That Work Better, Longer

Implants and other medical devices are important tools for lengthening patients’ lifespans and increasing their independence and quality of life. The technologies involved range from those that are now commonplace – like contact lenses – to bleeding-edge interventions.

The critical specifications of these implants and devices vary greatly as a result of specific expected service conditions and functions. This has often necessitated the use of multiple instruments during different stages of R&D, QC, and production. Complicating development and manufacturing in this way has ultimately decreased manufacturing yield and increased costs, limiting patient access to life-changing treatments.

Bruker provides fully integrated optical microscopy and surface metrology solutions that streamline research and production processes for devices and implants across different medical fields. This, in turn, ensures that medical technologies are safer, more affordable, and have a longer functional lifespan.

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