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Bruker Launches Upgraded S1 TITAN Handheld XRF Product Line

KENNEWICK, Washington – April 5, 2021 – Bruker (Handheld, LLC) introduces major upgrades to the S1 TITAN™ handheld XRF product line for elemental analysis and materials identification. All S1 TITAN models now feature a state-of-the-art silicon drift detector (SDD) with graphene window, a new powerful X-ray source, as well as new high-speed pulse processing electronics. As a result, users of the new S1 TITAN will benefit from significantly improved sensitivity for critical light elements such as Magnesium (Mg) and Aluminum (Al), and from faster and more accurate elemental analysis than ever before.

The new S1 TITAN is available in three high-performance configurations, all sharing the same advanced new technology. The S1 TITAN 800 provides the best performance and greatest analysis flexibility, making this premium model the perfect solution for a wide range of applications, including the analysis of metal alloys, coatings, plastics, glass, restricted materials, minerals, and many more. The S1 TITAN model 500S is specifically designed for fast alloy analysis, including measurement of light elements such as Mg, Al and Si.

A new 29kV alloy calibration provides extremely fast and easy grade identification by measuring both light and heavy elements simultaneously. The S1 TITAN 500 is the most economical model of the product line, designed for fast analysis of heavier elements, starting from Titanium (Ti).

Just like its predecessor, the new S1 TITAN is the only handheld XRF analyzer in the market with a lifetime guarantee against punctured detector windows. Bruker’s patented TITAN Detector Shield™ and the robust, dust and humidity sealed instrument housing ensure reliable operation of the S1 TITAN under all measurement conditions, whether in the field, on the factory floor or in the laboratory.  

Tim Heek, Product Manager of Bruker’s Handheld XRF product line commented: “Continuous improvement is an essential part of our design process and has resulted in significant improvements to the very successful S1 TITAN platform. The new state-of-the-art detectors, together with the latest X-ray tube and pulse processing technology, elevate the S1 TITAN performance to a new level. In terms of analytical performance and new calibrations, the S1 TITAN excels even more in many important applications, and today represents the best handheld XRF system for fast and accurate elemental analysis and positive material identification.”

For more information please visit our website: www.bruker.com/S1TITAN

S1 TITAN Handheld XRF analyzer

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