ESPRIT Automation Functions

Obtaining Maximum ROI in Analytical Tools
Mutiple points/objects analysis

ESPRIT MultiPoint

Automatic multi-point and object analysis:

  • Selection of points or definition of rectangles, ellipses or polygons as spectra measurement locations
  • Automatic selection of a predefined number of measurement points in a field of view, either as an evenly spaced grid or as random distribution, or a combination of both
  • Easy results presentation using editable graphic overlays and linked object names
  • Simultaneous or successive acquisition of spectra for selected objects
  • Automatic evaluation of spectra using selectable and custom methods
  • Generation and display of single results or complete result lists
  • Spectra of individual objects can be renamed, saved, processed, or evaluated

ESPRIT StageControl

Control of the motorized stage in SEM, EPMA and STEM:

  • Support most common SEM, STEM, and EPMA motor stages
  • Setting of sample points and acquisition areas over the whole stage range


Jobs can automate virtually any analysis on your QUANTAX and electron microscope.

  • Interactive setup of measurement points
  • All measurement options provided by ESPRIT can be used (point spectra, line scans, maps, HyperMaps, image acquisition)
  • Includes data processing (spectra evaluation, image processing, feature analysis)
  • Direct monitoring of progress and current results
  • Measurement results are automatically stored
  • Optional automatic report generation
  • Import and export of job lists and results
  • Full integration with StageControl