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Innovations and Product Launches

Innovations and Product Launches

It has never been more important to support the vital work of microbiology laboratories, from protecting the quality of food and pharma products to identifying clinically significant microorganisms. We therefore understand the significance of continued investment in robust high-performance technology.


Here, we put the spotlight on our latest innovations and new product launches to further support essential research being undertaken in microbiology laboratories around the world.


Our technology ensures even faster and more reliable identification of microorganisms, enabling scientists to transform samples to results within a matter of minutes.

Product Announcements ECCMID 2021

Our continuous R&D activities on MALDI Biotyper® have once more resulted in an increased speed of microorganism identification by the introduction of the sample preparation accelerator, the MBT FAST Shuttle IVD. Another speed boost will be available early 2022, with the MBT Compass HT IVD software, enabling the analysis of up to 600 samples/hour.
Traditionally, the MALDI Biotyper® Reference Libraries were expanded, again boosting the identification performance.
Safe mycobacteria sample preparation prior to MALDI-TOF analysis will become easier with the new MBT Mycobacteria Kit (RUO).
Exclusively for the MALDI Biotyper® sirius Systems, the MBT Lipid Xtract Kit (RUO) has been developed, for dedicated lipidomics applications for which the system’s negative ion mode is required.
The new IR Biotyper®  3.1 software version comes with convenient predefined isolate classification possibilities and a seamless software integration with the MALDI Biotyper®.

Please contact your local representative for availability of these new products.

Major Product Launches 2020


The compact new MALDI Biotyper sirius one offers high throughput and fast time to results.

Its new design features advanced electronics to boost system and environmental performance.

It comes in four variants for a range of applications:


Fast and effective microbial strain typing supports hospital hygiene for proactive infection control. The system delivers real-time quality control and source tracking in food and pharmaceutical applications to assure product safety. It offers a rapid and easy-to-use test method, with a simple and intuitive workflow.


Updated annually, the RUO and IVD libraries have been expanded with 278 new species and 21 new genera, to improve diversity coverage and add new clinical and environmental species. The total numbers now mount to 3,239 species covered by the RUO library, and 3,159 species for the IVD version.