EPR Accessories

Sample Tubes & Sample Handling

Whatever the state your sample is in, get the right sample handling tools


AquaX is a multiple-bore design of closely spaced capillaries.Its main advantages are:  

  • Much higher sensitivity as compared to capillary as well as to flat-cell (19-bore AquaX version)
  • High reproducibility, ideal for quantitative measurements
  • Continous flow measurements possible
  • Easy filling and rinsing
  • Compatible with all standard cavities, like ER 4122SHQ and the ER 4103TM
  • Easy mounting to the cavity
  • No special holders required
  • No additional adjustment of the AquaX cell
  • Made out of chemically resistant materials
  • Standard fittings provided

ER 162 TC-Q Tissue Cell

  • EPR Sample Cell for tissue samples
  • Tissue cavity dimensions : 23 mm x 7 mm x 0.5 mm
  • Overall dimensions 50 mm long, 2 mm thick and 10 mm wide

ER 164 EC-Q Electrolytic Cell

For producing positive and negative ions during EPR measurements, comprising flat cell, electrode reservoir, platinium and calomel electrodes.


Sample Tubes

High quality sample tubes are essential for background free EPR spectra. Precision tubes are available with different diameters to match the sample volume and resonator size.

  • ER 221TUB/2, 3, 4 CFQ quality sample tubes with 2, 3 and 4 mm I.D.
  • ER 221TUB-Q10 Q-Band sample tubes with 1 mm I.D.
  • E 600-ST9S W-Band sample tubes with 0.5 mm I.D.


The TPX capillaries are used for gas exchange experiments with aqueous solutions, ideally in combination with the ER 4123D resonator. This setup is best suited for limited sample quantity as only 3 µl sample volume is required.


The goniometer is used for EPR single crystal studies to provide a well defined rotation axis and rotation angle.

Liquid Autosampler System

Many routine applications only involve a simple intensity measurement from a particular EPR signal. However, these applications also employ large sample sets and require high throughput. The ER 4110AS-SET combined with automated intensity measurement provide programmable, "high-throughput" sample handling for applications using liquid samples. The acquisition of shelf life prediction data in beer provides an example.


ER 203UV Irradiation System

This UV Irradiation System provides the possibility for in-situ irradiation of the sample of interest in the microwave cavity. The main aim is to produce paramagnetic compounds via light irradiation.
The UV irradiation system features:

  • 100 W mercury lamp
  • 200 - 2000 nm wave length range
  • focusing unit

Flat Cell Equipment

Flat cells are used for liquids with dielectric loss in x-band cavities. The ER 160 FC-Q aqueous solution cell for room temperature measurements can be used in combination with the ER 4102ST, the EMX and ELEXSYS standard cavities.

Accurate positioning of the flat cell is achieved by the ER 174 FCH flat cell holder.

The ER 165 FCVT-Q aqueous solution cell is used in combination with the variable nitrogen temperature controler.

InsightEPR Flow Through Cell

An alternative for liquid samples, the flow through cell allows the injection (both manual and auto-sampler) of the sample into a set of continuous capillary tubing.  Reaction monitoring with the flow through cell provides deeper insight into chemical and biological reactions.

  • Increased sensitivity over glass capillary
  • Static or continuous flow
  • Insured alignment


Service & Life Cycle Support for Magnetic Resonance and Preclinical Imaging

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