TopSpin for Education

Topspin processing license is free for academia

TopSpin Education Package

Did you know that a Topspin processing license is free for academia? It’s true! We do this to support students of chemistry, chemical engineering, environmental science, or biology NMR education. It also provides teachers and professors a way to enhance their curriculum. The license includes several tools supporting the understanding of NMR experiments and the analysis of the acquired data.


NMRSim is a fully featured simulator of 1D and 2D NMR experiments. The standard Bruker pulse programs is interpreted and the NMR experiment is simulated step by step as it would be performed on a real spectrometer. The result is a standard Bruker data set that is processed in the same way as any Bruker NMR data set. The simulation also supports selective pulses and magnetic field gradients.

This allows for the use of NMR-Sim as a virtual NMR spectrometer both for education or for science.

CMC-se Classroom

CMC-se Classroom: Simple and efficient structure elucidation of small molecules in drug discovery and natural products research. The classroom edition includes all the functions of the full version, with the exception of automatic structure generation and assignment. In addition, extensive supporting materials and training data sets are available for download.

CMC-assist Classroom: CMC-assist efficiently extracts information from complex NMR data, conducts consistency and concentration assessments and generates detailed reports for direct transfer to publications, patents and lab journals.