Ellipsometers and Reflectometers

Spectroscopic Reflectometry

Expedited film metrology well suited for in-situ production quality assessment

Quickly and Easily Characterize Thin to Thick Films

Spectroscopic reflectometry is a widely-used film metrology technique generally employed in mainstream fabrication settings, particularly for single-layer films used in advanced packaging, microelectronics, and dielectric applications. This technique facilitates faster measurement and data acquisition than spectroscopic ellipsometry and requires comparatively less complex configuration and modeling, making it a quick and easy method for characterizing the layer thickness and optical properties of thin and thick films (several nanometers up to over 100 microns). These systems are often integrated in-line for quality monitoring due to their relative speed, simplicity, and compatibility with common sample types and measurement requirements. 


FilmTek's spectroscopic reflectometers feature a variety of patented technical integrations that extend the measurement capabilities of these instruments significantly beyond those of standard reflectometers, including expanding both their measurable thickness range and compatibility with diffracting or scattering materials and multilayer structures. As a result, FilmTek spectroscopic reflectometers enable users to investigate a broader range of samples and easily meet more non-standard film measurement requirements than comparable instruments.

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