LabScape ProDiagnose & LabScape ProSupport

Bruker´s latest service innovation in proactive NMR monitoring and maintenance is based on the AutoDiagnose platform. When combined with AutoCalibrate, the new LabScape ProDiagnose allows the customer to maintain control over the spectrometer and benefit from an automated NMR performance check.
System Overview
Keep a close eye on all your connected systems
Save Time
Get your system up and running faster through easier remote diagnostics
Maximize Productivity
With system notifications
LabScape ProDiagnose and LabScape ProSupport Flyer




Spectrometers´ System Overview
Full visualization of the health status of your spectrometers




System Configuration
Clear component identification for an easy repair part order


AutoCalibrate Result Monitoring (if available)
Support in proactively identifying probe performance changes

Cryogen Data Visualization

Helium and nitrogen levels are now displayed in the AutoDiagnose platform

Platform Notifications

The user receives component-related notifications based on performance changes on the online portal


Email Notifications
The user receives Email notifications, available as a Beta feature

Benefits - LabScape ProDiagnose

Keep a close eye on all your connected NMR systems
As a customer, you can access your systems´ status overview wherever you are, anytime, whether they are in the same room or in different buildings or sites.

Optimize your instrument uptime
LabScape ProDiagnose supports maximum productivity and peak performance by actively identifying system part and performance changes.

Increase system protection
By proactively identifying critical changes of system parameters, LabScape ProDiagnose allows customers to better protect their systems.

Save time and money
LabScape ProDiagnose helps your service engineer with easier remote diagnostic and troubleshooting, improving first-time fixes.

Free up your time
Focus on what matters, your experiments: Bruker notifies you about unusual parameter behavior directly in the AutoDiagnose platform.

Benefits - LabScape ProSupport

Expert supervision (proactive service support)
Your Bruker service team will proactively contact you based on reported critical parameter change.

Reduced administrative burden
LabScape ProSupport already includes 4 hours of remote support, no need to go through internal approvals before we can start to support you.

Easier root cause analysis in case of technical issues
Based on monitored parameters, your Bruker Service Team can support you more easily.



Bob Berno, NMR Facility Manager

McMaster University, Canada

"I manage a facility with several NMR spectrometers spread across many different labs in two separate buildings. I appreciate the ability to view all of the connected spectrometers at a glance no matter where they are located, anytime, anyplace. Also, the new LabScape ProDiagnose feature allows us to keep an eye on our cryogens levels, especially the helium, using a handy graphical interface. Finally, as a LabScape ProSupport Beta customer, it was reassuring to have the Bruker service team proactively contacting me in case of unusual system behavior."


General - Platform

  • Secure and user-friendly cloud-based web application supported by most modern browsers


  • Authentication: Secure and trusted authentication standard RFC 7519
  • Password Security: Passwords in our database are encrypted and securely stored
  • Encrypted keys: Secure storage of all operating system access credentials
  • Secure Storage: Encryption of data at rest
  • Data Transmission: All data is transmitted using encrypted Transport Layer Security (TLS) connections (i.e., HTTPS), ensuring encrypted point-to-point communication between all platform participants
  • DDoS Protection: Protection against outside attacks


  • General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance including the right to be forgotten

Frequently Asked Questions


  • TopSpin 4.1.0. or higher to connect to AutoDiagnose
  • TopSpin 4.1.3. or higher for cryogen notifications for AvanceCore
  • TopSpin 4.1.4. or higher for cryogen notifications for AvanceNeo
  • Operating system: Windows 10 or CentOS 7