Flexible sophisticated performance

The MM2 is able to identify most organic chemicals from any medium (soil, water, air) rapidly. Specifications and performance are not limited to a selected group of chemicals. New libraries can be created and used by the customer.

The detection limit for volatile organic compounds and volatile agents is from low ppb to the low ppm range depending on the analytical procedure, e.g. adsorbent enrichment (low ppb range) or on-line monitoring (very low ppm range) from ambient air.

Operation has been simplified minimising training burdens and skill fade. The rugged system has been specially designed to be multirole and can be easily mounted in both military and civilian vehicles.

MM2 Features

  • Lightweight, portable high performance detector.
  • Mobile or static detection.
  • Designed to be easily mounted on all types of vehicle platforms.
  • Dedicated user interface.
  • Data evaluation based on the NIST library.