True trimodal preclinical PET SPECT CT system

Albira Si is more powerful, more flexible and easier to use than ever, redefining what you can expect and supporting your research to reach new levels.

Albira Si is more powerful, more flexible and easier to use than ever, redefining what you can expect and supporting your research to reach new levels.

The Albira Si was the first commercial SiPM-based PET, offering Full Field-of-View Accuracy (FFA), in imaging and quantification.

Reinforced by high performance, seamlessly integrated SPECT and CT, the Albira Si is set the new standard in expectations from molecular imaging technology.

Truly multimodal, highly flexible

  • Seamless integration of PET, SPECT and CT in a fully shielded, compact footprint
  • Homogeneous resolution and quantitative accuracy in single or multiple simultaneous animal studies
  • Accurate dual cardiac/pulmonary PET and SPECT gated imaging
  • Full range of animal beds and monitoring accessories for optimum productivity
  • Accurate animal positioning with the motorized animal handling system enables automatic co-registration of images

Professor John Prior and colleagues at the Lausanne University Hospital use the Albira PET/SPECT/CT in their research

Full Field Accuracy (FFA)

FFA offers real, homogeneous sub-millimetric volumetric PET resolution in all three axes in the whole field of view, with superior precision in quantification based on: Exclusive continuous crystal detectors with Si PM technology and true depth of interaction 3D precision equivalent to 10+ layer pixelated crystal detectors.

System Specifications

  • Imaging Modalities: PET, SPECT, CT
  • Core Technologies: Patented continous crystal technology with Row And Column readout + proprietary electronics + HR 3D DOI
  • Unit Size: Single compact footprint
  • Shielding: Fully Shielded
  • Weight: 800 kg
  • Bore Size: 105

Animal Care Monitoring And Control

  • Anesthesia: Fully integrated. Compatible with most common commercial gas systems
  • Animal Handling System: Reliable, easy to use rat and mouse beds; Fully compatible with BRUKER MR
  • Physiological Signals: ECG, Respiration, Temperature, And Blood Pressure
  • Temperature Control System: Electrically heated mats for rat And mouse
  • Video Monitoring: Realtime camera
  • Gating Acquisition: Cardiac and Respiratory For PET and SPECT; Dual Gating for PET

Software And Workstation

  • Fully Integrated Albira Suite: ACQUIRER: Image Acquisition, RECONSTRUCTOR: Image Reconstruction, MANAGER: Study and Protocol Management, SUPERVISOR: Quality Control
  • Image Analysis Software: PMOD (PBAS, PFUS, PKIN MODULES INCLUDED)
  • 3D Rendering Software: VOLVIEW (+ PMOD)
  • Workstation: Dedicated Server; All Functionalities on a single system
  • Reconstruction: GPU Based, Scalable To 4 GPUs (PET); CPU Based SPECT and CT
  • Data Storage: 3 * 4TB RAID 5 Configuration; Upgradable on same Workstation

Use Albira for precisely quantified in vivo studies

Like you, thousands of our customers around the world rely on advanced imaging techniques to study dynamic biological process within living animals. To better understand the progression and treatment of diseases, you can use Albira's PET, SPECT and CT imaging for quantitative 3D tomographic imaging of radiotracers, bone, and soft tissue.  Below are just a few of the applications of the Albira system  that can provide deep insight into the underlying mechanisms of diseases and the effectiveness of new therapeutics:

  • Pharmacokinetics
  • Pharmacodynamics
  • ADME
  • Protein expression
  • Metabolic studies
  • Gene expression
  • Toxicology
  • Perfusion studies
  • Cell tracking
  • Receptor binding

…and much more.


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