X-ray Fluorescence

Pre-owned XRF Systems

Bruker offers pre-owned and demo XRF systems for an attractive price. All systems are completely refurbished and come with a one-year warranty.
Note: Systems shown on pictures may differ from configuration offered.

If you have any questions, please contact our service person:

Klaus Bohländer, Tel: +49 721 50997 5258
E-mail: klaus.bohlaender@bruker.com



Age: <1 year
Location: Demosystem in Karlsruhe (Germany)
Specification: LE X-ray tube with Ag-Anode and Be-window, max. 50 W;
Detector: XFlash V5 (LE) for LE applications (new)
Sample Handling: XY-Autosampler with 28 Positions, Automatic
Warranty: One year
Delivery time: About 2-4 weeks
Price: On request