Sealed Tube, X-ray Source, SC-XRD
Turbo X-ray-source, single crystal X-ray diffraction
METALJET, sc-xrd, Liquid Metal Jet X-ray Source
IμS 3.0, microfocus source, sc-xrd components

SC-XRD Sources

X-ray sources are one of the key components of diffraction systems for structural biology and chemical crystallography. A successful diffraction experiment starts with an excellent X-ray source. Our state-of-the-art X-ray sealed tubes are still popular in chemical crystallography. The outstanding air-cooled IµS microfocus source is increasing in popularity, both in chemical and biological crystallography.

Our TURBO X-RAY SOURCE (TXS) microfocus rotating anode delivers beam intensities comparable to those seen at synchrotrons not many years ago. A monochromatic beam is achieved by combining X-ray sources with dedicated X-ray optics. No matter what you choose you will always get best in class performance.

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