MALDI Guided SpatialOMx®

Reveal tumor cell subpopulations in greater molecular detail

Whether you are probing the cellular proteome, lipidome or metabolome, MALDI Imaging provides a literal map of molecular expression in the specimen that can be compared to reveal regional changes. Often, knowing where molecular expression changes can be just as important as knowing if expression changes. This can be especially true if certain compounds are highly spatially concentrated or if molecules co-distribute in specific compartments, vital information that is lost when examining only homogenized samples. MALDI Guided SpatialOMx® for untargeted discovery offers the most complete molecular range with contextualized spatial information providing important clues into intercellular communications networks that are integral to cancer growth.

Recent Studies

MS Imaging‐guided Microproteomics for Spatial Omics on a Single Instrument

Publication in Proteomics, August 7, 2020

Next level imaging Mass Spectrometry: Single cells in focus with SpatialOMx®

Prof. Ron Heeren, PhD, Maastricht University, Division Head Imaging MS, Maastricht, Netherlands

MALDI Guided SpatialOMx® uncovers proteomic profiles in tumor subpopulations of breast cancer

SpatialOMx® is providing context to OMICS - Learn more in this interview with Michael Easterling:

What’s one of the most important prerequisites for MALDI Imaging?  LC-MS!  Find out how SpatialOMx® is providing context to OMICS and where the field is going next and why pathology researchers care in an interview with Michael L. Easterling, Manager of Bruker’s Imaging Business.

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For more insight into MALDI Guided SpatialOMx®, listen to our experts in Bruker’s On-Demand webinars:

SpatialOMx® – bringing context to proteomics through molecular pathology

Dr. Shannon Cornett, MALDI Imaging Business Unit, Bruker Daltonics

Imaging pathways: SpatialOMx® captures small molecule and lipid networks across tissues to bridge metabolomics and disease

Dr. Shannon Cornett, MALDI Imaging Business Unit, Bruker Daltonics

In situ image identification using MALDI

Dr. Janina Oetjen, Application Specialist MALDI Imaging, Bruker Daltonics

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