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Bruker announces the connection of the 1,000th NMR Magnet to LabScape Remote Monitoring services, helping customers with Remote Monitoring.

FAELLANDEN, Switzerland – March 10th, 2021 – Bruker announces the connection of the 1,000th NMR magnet to LabScape Remote Monitoring services, helping customers with remote magnet monitoring, even while working remotely during the pandemic. Bruker’s remote magnet monitoring ‘keeps an eye’ on cryogen levels through a secure data connection, avoiding costly quenches due to low cryogen levels.

The high magnetic fields of superconducting NMR magnets rely on liquid nitrogen and liquid helium. Regular refilling of cryogens is needed to maintain the magnetic field. If a threshold value is reached, a magnet can lose superconductivity and quench, with annoying downtime for NMR experiments. Bruker’s remote monitoring is a free service to monitor and identify upcoming cryogen refills, even if access to labs is restricted.

Dr. Juergen Graf of the University of Heidelberg in Germany was Bruker’s 1000th customer connected to remote monitoring. He states: “Because of these challenging times, we decided to connect our magnet to the Bruker LabScape Remote Monitoring. It’s a good feeling to know that Bruker specialists are able to verify the correct levels of cryogens, even if the labs may close. It ensures the continuity of our projects, saving time and money.”

Anna Minoja, the LabScape Product Portfolio Manager at Bruker BioSpin, commented: “1,000 NMR magnets connected remotely is a milestone that proves our commitment to customer support with innovative services from our LabScape portfolio. This achievement confirms our strategy to develop customer solutions on predictive maintenance for our NMR systems.”

From inquiry to installation, and throughout the lifetime of the NMR instrument, Bruker services provide our customers with dedicated and personalized support to ensure their spectrometers maintain uptime and productivity. Bruker’s dedicated team of applications scientists, engineers, and service managers assist our customers with technical inquiries and scientific questions, and also can help them plan to bring their NMR research and analytical capabilities to the next level.

For more information on the LabScape Services, please visit https://www.bruker.com/en/services/labscape.html

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