X-ray Fluorescence (XRF) Webinar

Mining for Money!

Learn how WDXRF technology can help you find hidden savings in your mining process.

Information about element concentrations in raw materials, as well as intermediate and final products, is vital for mining operations. Getting more precise and accurate data will help you to drive the mining operation and mineral beneficiation process to significantly better product grades. Bruker's latest WDXRF analytical technology provides the best possible results with quick turnaround times at a very low cost of ownership compared to wet chemical techniques.

In this 1-hour webinar you learn:

  • The background and principles of modern WDXRF instrumentation with a focus on mining applications
  • How WDXRF compares to other analytical techniques for delivering essential information for exploration and production
  • How WDXRF supports cost-efficient mining operations, using real-life examples
  • Analytical methods for quality and process control in mining and related industries


Dr. Kai Behrens

Head of XRF Product Line Management, Bruker AXS