BioAFM & Their Applications in Cell Studies

In current cell studies, researchers are no longer satisfied with just some nice images. Beyond the topography, efforts have been devoted to unveiling the details in functional and mechanical aspects. Atomic force microscopy offers a straightforward solution for such requirements.

AFMs' high resolution under physiological conditions makes it possible to develop the understanding of the cells and their environment. The mechanical information obtained simultaneously along with the topography in AFM images has been widely applied to bridge the gap between the structure and the mechanical properties. Thanks to the development in high-speed AFM, fine details involved in dynamic processes happening at the cell surface can be well resolved in real time. The combination of AFM and optical techniques unleashes even greater possibilities for cell microscopy.

As part of the Bruker Bio-AFM series, this webinar is focused on sharing the new developments in Bio-AFM and their applications in cell studies.