NMR Spectroscopy in Development of Herbal Medicines

To stay up-to-date with the most recent technologies (NMR spectroscopy) involved in the development of herbal medicines and how these advancement could be applied to enhance the quality of herbal medicine’s products.

Short description of this webinar

NMR Spectroscopy play a vital role in development of herbal medicines. “Classical” medicinal plant research required several fractionation steps until the isolation of pure chemical constituents. NMR spectroscopy is then applied to identify and characterize the pure natural products. As the technologies developed, the trends in herbal medicines research have changed. Nowadays, analyzing mixture sample from herbal medicines become routine especially the integration of chemometrics approach to NMR spectroscopy, or also known as Metabolomics. Therefore, NMR-based metabolomics could be applied to authenticate the nutraceutical products and medicinal materials. Particularly, in addition to taxonomic/variety information related to the herbal species, this method is powerful to discriminate the geographical and seasonal differences of herbal materials. Hence, making quality control of phytomedicines possible when non-targeted analysis (Multivariate statistical analysis) is applied on NMR data. 

Target audience:

Researchers from National center of natural products, Department of Pharmacognocy, Center of Phytochemistry, Natural Products Laboratory, Institue of Drug and Food Control 

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Duration: 30 min