ESPRIT Quant Tools

Editor for individual evaluation strategies

This package contains a range of tools for standardless and standard-related quantitative spectra evaluation. The proven P/B-ZAF routine is available for genuinely standardless EDS analysis. Standardless P/B-ZAF quantification is based solely on data derived from the spectra themselves, it does not use any predefined peak profiles or similar aids stored on disk. Micro-XRF for SEM uses a standardless Fundamental Parameter method based on the Sherman equation.

Standardless EDS quantification contains the TQuant algorithm for light element and low energy peak quantification. Standard-related analysis of polished bulk samples can be performed using Φ(ρ,z) correction. In cases where appropriate element standards are not available, ESPRIT Quant offers hybrid quantification: The concentrations of these elements are determined standardlessly while the remaining are quantified using standards.