EPR Resonators

Q-Band Pulse EPR Resonator

Pulse EPR and ENDOR Resonator at Q-Band

Unique Design for 34 GHz Applications

Pulse EPR & ENDOR at Q-Band (34 GHz) has unique advantages. It not only boosts the sensitivity but also increases resolution compared to X-Band, enabling for example orientation-selective experiments. Pulse Q-Band adds valuable information for multifrequency EPR.

To turn the theoretical advantages of Pulse Q-Band EPR & ENDOR into reality, a dedicated resonator is required. Bruker BioSpin's EN 5107D2 resonator matches all the, sometimes conflicting, requirements of ease-of-use, high B1 conversion factor, B2 flatness as well as temperature stability.

Together with the ELEXSYS SuperQ-FT system, this resonator provides ideal tool for pulsed multiresonance EPR experiments at 34 GHz.

A specific design of the Q-Band resonator for pulse EPR has resulted in a drastic improvement in sensitivity and ease of handling. Pulse Q-Band offers unique advantages compared to pulse X-band. In addition to the improved g-factor resolution, Q-Band offers an increased resolution of different nuclei in ESEEM and ENDOR spectra, an increased sensitivity for small sample sizes and an increased sensitivity for distance determinations with the 4-pulse DEER sequence.

The EN 5107D2 Q-Band ENDOR resonator and the ER 5107D2 Q-Band resonator are fixed frequency resonators designed for optimum pulsed Q-Band operation. The Q-factor can be varied continuously as determined by the experimental task, critical coupling for CW experiments and over coupling for general pulse experiments. An optical window allows further versatility by providing for sample irradiation with better than 90% optical transparency from 200 nm to 5 μm.

The Q-band EN5107D2 resonator is the heart of the ELEXSYS SuperQ-FT system.


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