The Diff50 gradient system is a high-power gradient system for diffusion applications in wide bore magnets, optimized for very strong gradient pulses and fast switching times.

The Diff50 high power MR Diffusion  probe provides exchangeable single or double tuned frequency ref coils. The Diff50 offers the highest gradient strength available at Bruker for diffusion coefficient measurements down to 5.10-15 m2/s (under specific conditions). The sample can be temperature controlled between -40°C and +80°C, probe body and coils (<= 8mm) are compatible with the Micro5 probe. 

Often double tuned rf coils with 2H on the outer coil are selected to allow for locked or TopShim applications. In this configuration, only one nucleus is available for the NMR experiments.

A special version of the Diff50, the Diff50L, has 2 rf coils for NMR investigations plus lock channel. In this configuration the rf coil is not exchangeable anymore, the frequency combination must be defined on initial order of the probe.


Wide Bore Probe, also compatible to SWB magnets

Gradient strength of up to 30 T/m, water cooled

Exchangeable rf (compatible to Micro5 except 10 mm coils)

Rf coils 

  • 5 and 10 mm single tuned coils
  • 5 and 8 mm double tuned coils

Sample transfer via SB-BST

Variable Temperature Control (compatible to BSVT, BCU,…)

Compatible with WB shim system

Special Diff50L version with two frequencies plus lock, but exchangeable rf coils


7Li Diffusion in a solid state superionic conductor d5
Polymer Solutions and Melts d1
Porous Media d4


Bore     WB / SWB
1H frequency range 300 – 800 MHz
rf channels Two independent
Requirements Diffusion / Microscopy Accessory
Gradient     Diff50           
Directions     z    
Gradient strength per direction 30 T/m
ID/OD 19/57 mm
Rise Time (5-95%), 0-60A,120V < 500 µs
Cooling     Water    
Maximum current tested 60 A
Removable     Yes    
Exchangable rf coils  
Detection     single tuned, double tuned
Typical Nuclei 1H, 2H, 19F, 13C, 31P, 7Li, …
Standard sample temperature range (5 mm) -40 – 150°C
Sample diameter 5 mm


  • Diff Software Application Package
  • Dynamic Center  for data processing


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