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BAW/SAW Filter Phase and Composition

BAW/SAW Filter Phase and Composition

Phase of polycrystalline films is critical to performance. XRD is the established technique to be able to measure this on PZT and other polycrystalline films. By using the JVX7300L the PZT film crystallinity can be automatically determined and mapped over the substrate for monitoring the growth process.

The JVX7300L also has an optional XRF channel which enables the mapping of the composition of the PZT on the same tool, enhancing productivity and yield.

The JVX series of tools comes with SECS-GEM and automated reporting as standard, enabling fast feedback of key process information.

Phase Identification and Microstructure Analysis of Polycrystalline PZT films

In the presented example the presence of two phases inside the PZT film is clearly visible.

The performance of polycrystalline piezo ceramic films, like lead zirconium titanate, (PZT) is determined by its crystal phase and microstructure, these key parameters can be accessed through X-ray diffraction (XRD).
XRD is a very powerful non-destructive analysis technique for phase identification, quantification and microstructure analysis of polycrystalline films and powders.

D8 DISCOVER and D8 ADVANCE are Bruker‘s laboratory diffraction solutions that combine highest powder diffraction performance with ease-of-use. They are perfectly suited for the characterization of thin polycrystalline films in research, process development and production control.