NMR & EPR Food Analysis Solutions

Olive Oil Profiling (NMR)

Strengthen your brand’s image and ensure your product’s quality and authenticity with NMR-based Olive Oil-Profiling 

Origin and authenticity of food products is gaining in popularity, with consumers demanding more information about where their olive oil comes from. Olive Oil is one of the most adulterated food products worldwide. Therefore, Bruker developed the Olive Oil-Profiling™ 1.0 method and solution for the authenticity and quality analysis of olive oil.

This product expands Bruker’s Food-Profiling solutions portfolio and is offered on two platforms:
On the well-established FoodScreener instrument and on the low field and cryogen-free Fourier 80 benchtop system. These two platforms address the different requirements of the olive oil industry, private testing laboratories and government laboratories.

The FoodScreener is the ideal solution for private testing laboratories and governmental laboratories, for the analysis of different food matrices. The FoodScreener allows the incorporation of various Bruker Food-Profiling solutions in one system.

The Fourier 80 benchtop system is particularly adapted to olive oil bottlers, testing laboratories dedicated to the analysis of olive oil, as well as satellite laboratories of larger private testing laboratories.

Features version 1.0:

  • Verify origin compliance of Spanish and Greek olive oil 
  • Quantitative analysis of 15 IOC regulated parameters 
  • Detection of atypical olive oil profiles 


Fourier 80

  FoodScreener™ Fourier 80
Market Segments Government laboratories Olive Oil Bottlers
Commercial laboratories Commercial laboratories**
  **satellite labs and olive oil testing dedicated labs
Food-Screening Applications Olive Oil Profiling method Olive Oil Profiling method
Honey-Profiling method  
Wine-profiling method  
Juice-profiling method  
Versatility Various configurations available for additional applications (e.g. SNIF-NMR analysis, other probeheads) Accessories available (e.g. automation)
Automation SampleXPress with 60 Positions CTC Automation with 60 Positions
Complimentary Optional Accessory
Fully automated measurement Fully automated measurement


Why choose NMR Olive Oil-Profiling™ 1.0 Method in your daily routine?

  • Analysis of IOC regulated parameters
  • Added value, with the verification of country of origin for brand protection
  • Timesaving: authenticity and quality results within 12 to 25 minutes
  • Convenient and fully automated solution
  • Easy to use
  • Standard Operation Procedures included
  • No NMR expertise needed
  • Ability to make quicker quality control decisions


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