QCI-F CryoProbe

Bruker’s QCI-F Cryoprobe is a quadruple resonance cryoprobe that is for triple resonance bio-NMR and fluorine applications. Learn more today

Versatile Quadruple Resonance CryoProbe for fluorine applications and triple resonance bio-NMR

New, versatile proton / fluorine optimized quadruple resonance NMR ‘inverse’ probe, featuring four fully independent channels (plus lock channel) for 19F{1H} and 1H {19F} experiments, and also simultaneous decoupling on multiple nuclei such as 13C, 19F and 15N - all without changing probe.

Protonless HiRes Bio-NMR: 3D CBCACO-IPAP of 1mM Ubiquitin 15N/13C labeled, taken at 600 MHz (ns=2,TD=1024x64x256, experiment time 10 hours)

The novel QCI HFCN quadruple resonance probe addresses bio-NMR as well as fluorine NMR screening (3-FABS, FAXS, …) applications. The newest member of the Bruker CryoProbe family is designed for highest sensitivity on the 3 most important nuclei: 1H, 19F and 13C. Having a comparable sensitivity to classical triple resonance CryoProbes (TCI) for 1H and 13C, it adds 19F detection and decoupling capability with the performance of a dedicated fluorine CryoProbe! Potential applications range from triple resonance including deuterium decoupling for double and triple labeled bio-NMR samples to 19F{1H} screening applications and small molecule structure elucidation / verification work. The probe is compatible with shaped tubes for optimum performance on lossy samples.

Several recent discoveries in RNA research make this probe a very timely introduction to the field of cutting edge NMR research. The cryogenically cooled preamplifier for deuterium guarantees highest sensitivity for the lock channel, resulting in excellent stability of the spectrometer. This also permits the use of as little as a few percent of deuterated solvents.  In addition the QCI CryoProbe™ is equipped  with cold preamplifiers for 1H  and 13C. The probe is compatible with shaped tubes for optimum performance on lossy samples.

Technical Details

  • Proton/ Fluorine-optimized quadruple resonance NMR probe for 5mm samples
  • Sensitivity increase by a factor of three on 1H, 19F and 13C
  • Four fully independent channels (plus lock channel)
  • Simultaneous decoupling on multiple X-nuclei such as 13C, 19F and 15N
  • Cooled 2H preamplifier for excellent stability
  • Prepared for shaped tube application
  • Fitted with an actively shielded single axis Z-gradient for 5 mm sample diameters
  • Standard sample temperature range -40°C – 150°C
  • ATM and CryoFit compatible
  • Cost-efficient adaptability eliminates the need to change probes
  • Ideally suited for the study of fluorine applications
  • Enables research on proteins, small molecules and metabolomic samples
  • Optimized for 1H, 19F and 13C detection

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