Online and Inline Analysis in Real-Time with our S2 KODIAK

Meet the future of process and quality control

Open Pit mine

Achieve the next level of efficiency and product consistency in mining and coating processes with S2 KODIAK!

Real-time process monitoring is one of the most important measures to ensure products are manufactured cost-efficiently and to the desired quality.


At the same time, it is challenging to implement an analytical instrument into the process. This is where the S2 KODIAK shines! It works autonomously and maintenance-free 24/7, delivers immediate results, and the integration into plant control is flawless.

Applications include online and inline analysis of element concentrations and layer thicknesses in the natural resources industry, building materials manufacturing, coating processes, with Positive Material identification (PMI), and high volume bulk food processing.


In addition, working safety is an important topic; conventional systems are based on prompt gamma neutron activation analyzers (PGNAA) and require extensive radiation shielding and strict safety and security regulations. Not with the S2 KODIAK. X-rays are emitted only in operation; simple shielding and the safety circuit ensure the highest safety level, at any time.

Sheet metal rolls

S2 KODIAK - Strong as a Bear!

S2 KODIAK Strong as a bear
  • Online and Inline Analysis in Real-Time for Tough Conditions
  • The Go-To Solution for Elemental Analysis and Layer Thickness Measurements 24/7
  • Remote-controlled, encapsulated, no radioactive source – safe, reliable, S2 KODIAK!

Real-time online multi-element analysis with XRF has a new name – S2 KODIAK

Analysis performance

The S2 KODIAK analyses element concentration, layer thickness, and area density of single- and multi-layer coatings on metallic, non-metallic, and polymeric substrates simultaneously, online, and in real-time. The S2 KODIAK transfers the results to the plant control software so that you stay in control of your process all the time.

S2 KODIAK Multi-Element Analyzer, XRF
S2 KODIAK - XRF Multi-Element Analyzer for Real-Time Results in Mining

Work safety and operator ergonomics

S2 KODIAK Conveyor

The S2 KODIAK does not use radioactive targets and hence makes extensive radiation shielding obsolete. This not only makes daily work routines easier, but also simplifies integration in existing plants and facilitates approval processes with authorities. The S2 KODIAK is remote-controlled, no operator on the device required.

On duty, 24/7

Due to its encapsulated, rugged design with stainless steel casing (enclosure protection class up to IP69k), operating temperatures from -25 up to 60° C, an integrated UPS, empty belt detection, automatic self-alignment, pass/fail function and sample distance compensation, the S2 KODIAK ensures autonomous operation 24/7 with uptimes of 98% or higher.

Measure window rocks red

S2 KODIAK – the perfect fit for base metal mining

Real-time process control in the mine is vital in order to achieve optimal cost efficiency

Mining: Dump truck

The S2 KODIAK is perfectly suited for online process control in mining operations. By measuring the exact material composition at any time, the hydro- and pyro-metallurgical processes can be optimized to increase output and enhance concentration efficiency. Real-time control of the blending step ensures a constant concentrate composition in support of later refining steps.

The same time the S2 KODIAK analyzes major and minor elements, it also delivers information about hazardous trace elements, such as As or Hg. Lower-quality material can simply be diluted down or excluded from further processing.

Inline Coating Measurement: The right solution, right away – S2 KODIAK!

Enhance your coating process, improve product quality and achieve significant cost savings – S2 KODIAK!

Coating line

One of the most challenging processes in industry is the coating of advanced materials: Thin layer systems are used to protect valuable material, making it resistant to environmental impacts whereas multilayer systems are crucial to the functionality of solar cells and some electronic components.

In all of these production processes, the coating speed, precision of layer thickness, and composition of the layer are critical to cost efficiency and yield.

Iron ore on conveyor belt

The S2 KODIAK works with base metal ores, such as iron, nickel, copper, chromium, molybdenum, titanium, tungsten and delivers immediate results for all of them.

High-quality results for elemental composition and layer thickness with inline coating measurements – instantly, at any time, with the performance you need – thanks to S2 KODIAK

Solar cell panel

The S2 KODIAK inline XRF analyzer delivers reliable, 'real-time' results for both elemental composition and thickness and is capable of running in a production environment 24/7.

It measures processed material non-destructively – without sample preparation – making the S2 KODIAK the ideal instrument for online process control.

Maintenance-free and with few installation requirements, the S2 KODIAK is easily integrated into industrial processes.

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