ParaVision Advanced Imaging Course



The Advanced Imaging Course (AIC) is intended for customers who have at least routine ParaVision® experience as well as basic MRI knowledge.

The course is based on ParaVision 360. It is intended for customers having already PV360 or who will upgrade to PV360 in the near future. However, to be able to run the exercises, access to an MRI system equipped with PV360 is needed. The course covers the following key topics:

Live Sessions take place 08.04. – 26.04.2024 (Mo. - Fr.):

18.03. Pre-recorded Video Upload online from 18 CET
08.04. Welcome Session 17 – 18 CEST
10.04. Protocol Customization 17 – 19 CEST
11.04. Shimming Strategies A 17 – 19 CEST
12.04. MR Spectroscopy 17 – 19 CEST
15.04. Shimming Strategies B 17 – 19 CEST
16.04. Echo Planar Imaging 17 – 19 CEST
18.04. Relaxometry 17 – 19 CEST
19.04. Perfusion Imaging 17 – 19 CEST
22.04. Short Echo Time Imaging 17 – 19 CEST
23.04. Diffusion Imaging 17 – 19 CEST
24.04. Cardiac MRI 17 – 19 CEST
25.04. Angiography 17 – 19 CEST
26.04. Q/A and Farewell 17 – 19 CEST


During the course, you will learn how to customize protocols and modules in order to obtain different image contrasts, to use parallel imaging techniques and change parameters to improve image quality, scan time and resolution for specific applications.

The course will cover the complete workflow of a typical MR experiment from parameter and scan setup to image processing and data evaluation, generation of various parametric images such as, relaxation time mapping, ADC, rCBF and velocity maps, assessment of dynamic experiments for e.g. cardiac and perfusion imaging.

No method or pulse programming is covered.

The online course is taking part over three weeks, covering five topics each week, thus 10 in total.
It is split into different kind of sessions: Participants will receive information on where and how to access the online course via mail.
The 10 modules will be delivered in succession. Modules will be progressive and should be completed in the order they are released. Each module will include:

  • Viewing of a prerecorded lecture / tutorial on the topic (approx 1-2 hour).
  • Independent completion of an assigned scanning exercise (approx 2-3 hours).
  • Live Q&A sessions.
  • Live session focusing on the solutions of the exercises and discussing (approx 1-2 hour). Live sessions will be recorded, and recordings will be made available at a later timepoint.

Prerequisite Qualification:

The Advanced Imaging Course (AIC) is intended for customers who have at least routine ParaVision® experience as well as basic MRI knowledge.


April 8 - 26, 2024

Location: online

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Deadline for registration: 

March 15, 2024


US $ 4,460


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Bruker BioSpin Corp.