AFM Biological Applications Course

August 27-29, 2019 | Santa Barbara, CA

DAY 1 | DNA High-Resolution Imaging

DAY 2 | Imaging Live Cell

DAY 3 | QNM and Force Measurement

(Optional: Upon request, you may also stay on Friday to have more hands-on practice)

Course Objectives

This class will focus on biological applications using AFM. It includes both theory sessions and lab sessions.

In the lab sessions, students can practice each technique on Bruker AFMs. Students are welcome to bring their own samples to practice on.

The first day session will focus on how to do high-resolution imaging of DNA, including sample preparation, probe selection, and scanning parameter optimization.

The second day session will talk about how to image live cell samples. Some standard live cells will be provided for lab practice during class.

The last day session will focus on how to use AFM to measure mechanical property of soft biological samples.


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Daily lunch is included.
Individuals are responsible for their own transportation and lodging.

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