Image Quality and PeakForce QNM

Oct 22-24, 2019 | Billerica, MA

DAY 1 | Image Quality

DAY 2 | PeakForce QNM

DAY 3 | QNM in Fluid and High Accuracy

(Optional: Upon request, you may also stay on Friday to have more hands-on practic

Course Objectives

Mechanical measurement of materials at nanoscale is of paramount interest in ever-incrasing nanotechnology research and industry. Among all mechanical test tools available, AFM is outstanding because of its nano-positioning capability, precise force control and compatibility with versatile environments. In each session of this training class, we will start off with presentation of in depth AFM theories, followed by step-by-step demonstration and guided hands on practice on actual AFMs.

The AFM Basics & PeakForce Tapping session will be focusing on AFM working principle and ScanAsyst Mode with PeakForce Tapping. Tapping mode and contact mode will be briefly discussed for comparison purpose. There will be instructions on how to prepare samples properly for AFM force measurement, how to select the suitable AFM probes, how to optimize the scanning parameters, and how to conduct post-acquisition image analysis. How to recognize and avoid common imaging artifacts will also be covered.

In PeakForce QNM session, we will walk through theories, detailed calibration procedure, and offline analysis of force curves. We will discuss various contact mechanics theories for material modulus measurement with AFM and how we apply them in real life measurement. Assumptions and limitations of each theory will be covered. A number of scanning parameters will be explained.

In PeakForce QNM fluid imaging session, we will talk about how to set up typical fluid experiments, and discuss how to calibrate the QNM parameters in fluid. Lastly, we will present where the PeakForce QNM is at and what Bruker can offer to improve the accuracy. We anticipate you will have deep understanding of AFM mechanical measurement in both theoretical and practical ways and be confident in carrying out one after the training class.

AFMs available for practice: Dimension ICON, Dimension FastScan, Dimension Edge, MultiMode 8.


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