Analysis of complex materials by NMR in automation

This 1 day course is designed to cover the AssureNMR software package and its operational components. Topics will include Assure-specific settings in IconNMR, SBASE, knowledge bases, and material specific quantification methods for screening. Attendees will be work with the software to learn about SBASE, knowledgebase, and quantification methods. An example of analyzing a successful quantification method will be included. Attendance of a related 1 day course, NMR Profiling, covering instrument optimization and data analysis is highly recommended.

Overview: NMR Training United States


  • Overview of the software
  • IconNMR
    • Configuration and features
    • System Suitability Test
  • Raw Material Screening
    • Spectra Base (SBASE)
    • Knowledge Base
    • Quantification Method Analysis



This course will assume NMR TopSpin, and IconNMR knowledge. Attendance at Avance II - Liquids or the equivalent is required.