Advanced NMR Methods

Advanced Operation of AVANCE Spectrometers

Formerly AVANCE II

This 3 day course covers theoretical and experimental details of many aspects of common NMR experiments such as gradients, shaped pulses and solvent suppression. The morning sessions are comprised of classroom lectures followed by hands on sessions at spectrometer. Additional classroom and lab session topics covered during the afternoons include: Variable Temperature, Quantitive NMR, Adding a new nucleus, Advanced processing, Troubleshooting of experimental artifacts, AU programs, T1/T2 processing and the Dynamics Center and Non-Uniform Sampling (NUS).

Overview: NMR Training United States


  • Pulse field gradient experiments (Gradient COSY, Gradient HMBC, etc.)
  • Selective excitation experiments (1-D COSY/NOESY, region selective HMBC, etc.)
  • Experiments with Adiabatic pulses (multiplicity edited HSQC)
  • Solvent Suppression (Presaturation, Watergate, WET, etc.)


This course will presume experience with the spectrometer and advanced knowledge of FT-NMR and multidimensional techniques or attendance of the Introduction to TopSpin course or equivalent.