Introduction to TopSpin for Solid-State NMR

Introduction to TopSpin software for operation of Bruker AVANCE NMR Spectrometers with solid-state samples.

Formerly AVANCE I - Solids

This 4-day course is designed to introduce users to TopSpin, provide a greater understanding of the many features within the software and practical experience at the spectrometer setting up basic solids experiments.

The course covers general probe and experiment setup for spin ½ nuclei, acquisition parameters, processing methods and plotting options. Topspin software installation, user administration and data management are discussed. Additionally, necessary basic system maintenance such as probe setup with magic angle adjustment and pulse length determination as well as cryogen fills are covered.

The lecture portion of the course is done in conjunction with the liquids Introduction to TopSpin and covers both TopSpin 3 and 4. Lectures are followed by laboratory sessions at the spectrometer for hands on experience.


An understanding of basic NMR concepts is strongly recommended for this course.

Overview: NMR Training United States


  • Sample preparation and rotor packing methods
  • Setting up a CPMAS probe: 
    - Setting of the magic angle
    - Pulse calibration
    - Probe shimmingg
    - Optimizing Hartmann-Hahn match condition
  • Setup standard 1D 13C CPMAS experiments and various spectral editing sequences
    - Spinning sideband suppression (TOSS)
    - Dipolar dephasing with and without TOSS, 
    - CPPI – for signal assignment 

  • Setup and run pseudo 2D experiments
    - T1 relaxation experiments
       - For X and 1H nuclei.

  • Setup CPMAS for different nuclei
    - 15N, 29Si, or 31

  • 2-Dimentional structure elucidation experiments

  • Data processing and plotting

  • Cryogen handling