NMR Screening

Advanced optimization of NMR-spectrometers for evaluation of large sample sets.

This 1 day course is designed to introduce advanced NMR users to optimization of study design and instrumentation conditions for screening applications requiring the acquisition, processing and comparison of large sample sets, for applications such as metabolomics, library screening, extract screening and raw material screening. The attendee will learn the key steps needed to obtain the high quality data essential for use with statistical analysis methods and high throughput quantitative analysis. Topics include the optimization of the study design, sample preparation, NMR spectrometer parameters, NMR data acquisition, au programs and processing, and IconNMR configuration. Attendance of a related 1 day course, AMIX, that covers data evaluation, statistics, and screening analysis using the AMIX software package is highly recommended.

Overview: NMR Training United States


  • Study Design
    - Sample collection and preparation
    - Samples preparation optimization
  • Spectrometer
    - Temperature optimization
    - Lock Phase optimization
    - O1 optimization
    - AU programming and PARAMETER optimization
    - Automation strategy and design
  • Solutions
    - 1D - NOESY (noesy1dgppr), CPMG
    - 2D – JRES, HSQC


This course will assume NMR, TopSpin and IconNMR knowledge. Attendance at Avance II - Liquids or the equivalent is required.