Biographical Information

Dr. Su is an Associate Principal Scientist and the lead of the NMR lab in Pharmaceutical Sciences & Clinical Supply at Merck & Co. Dr. Su has received postdoctoral training with Prof. Robert G. Griffin at Massachusetts Institute of Technology after his Ph.D. at Iowa State University with Prof. Mei Hong. His research covers characterization of small molecule and peptide drugs in formulation development, and mechanistic investigations of pharmaceutically interesting biomacromolecules including membrane-active pharmaceuticals, membrane ion channels and pathological amyloid fibrils.

His most recent work focuses on elucidating molecular structures and interactions of stability-related events in solid dosages by utilizing advanced solid-state NMR techniques including Dynamic Nuclear Polarization and proton detection under ultra-fast spinning. He currently serves on the Advisory Board for Magnetic Resonance in Chemistry with Wiley and as an Editor of Amino Acids with Springer. He has worked as Chair to organize NMR sessions in many scientific conferences. In the past few years, Dr. Su has contributed nearly 50 publications in peer-reviewed journals and has been frequently invited to give talks and seminars at scientific conferences and universities.

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