What you will discover

Typically, food analysis is performed using Targeted tests, checking for predefined parameters. This type of analysis is blind to any other deviation outside these parameters.

High resolution NMR spectroscopy enables Non-Targeted screening. A single test detects deviations of all kinds, both known and unknown, as well as analysing multiple targeted parameters. This dramatically increases the number of test parameters.

Fraudulent labeling of origin, grape variety, vintage year and dilution can be detected safely, using statistical models of comprehensive authentic sample collections.

With minimal sample preparation compared to other analytical techniques and easy, push-button workflows, NMR analysis can be performed easily by a Chemical Technical Assistant on a daily basis. This reduces the cost per sample, and the cost per parameter is much lower than alternative methods.

The webinar will explain the NMR WineScreener solution, its parameters and will give examples of typical results obtained.

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