EDXRF for Grade Control

Easy and Reliable Elemental Data

Energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence (XRF) is the most accepted analytic technology for grade control in mineral production and processing. Bruker’s wide range of EDXRF instrumentation can meet any need in production monitoring for mining in the goal of separating waste form ore. XRF works by measuring the secondary x-ray fluorescence generated by elements when they are excited by a primary x-ray source. The XRF analyzer can measure the elemental concentration in rocks. The elemental concentration can be used to identify grade, sub-grade, and waste and prevent the dilution of ore by waste rock. The advantages of EDXRF’s advantages include:

  • EDXRF is fast, analyzing all elements from a single spectrum
  • Analysis wide range of elements from carbon to americium
  • Measure concentration of elements from trace (ppm) to 100%
  • Simple and fast sample preparation
  • Easy process automation and incorporation of robotic sample changes
  • The possibility of non-destructive elemental analysis of core 

Bruker seeks to providing mineral grade control and resource estimation solutions. We offer desktop and portable XRF instruments for elemental analysis in central laboratories, on-site labs, and in the field.