MicroCT User Meeting

Video Contest

The voting of the best poster will be conducted during the micro-CT User Meeting 2021

User Submissions

David Haberthuer
University of Bern, Bern, Switzerland

A human canine tooth, approximately 2.5 cm long. One of many scanned in a study performed with the sample changer on the 1272, scanned at 10 µm voxel size. The root canal space shown in red was automatically segmented from the data.

Frantisek Spoutil

Greater Horseshoe Bat stained in Lugol solution and scanned in SkyScan 1176 (9um voxel) showing in detail flying muscles and vascularization of flying membrane (patagia).

Mert Ocak
Ankara University, Ankara, Turkey

Human temporal bone scanned at the skyscan 1275 at 20um pixel size, showing bone surfaces (anterior, posterior, and inferior) and the inner ear

Arda Buyuksungur

Ankara University, Ankara, Turkey

Seconder emphysema due to pulmonary sequestration scanned at the Skyscan 1275 at 19-pixel size

Bruker Application Scientists  (out of competition)

Delicious ferrero rocher scanned with 1275

Curd visualisation inside young gouda cheese thanks to phase retrieval retrieval reconstruction

Foraminifera scanned at 190nm voxel size in SKYSCAN 2214

Zebrafish larva imaged at 275nm voxel size in SKYSCAN 2214

Eaver skull

Individual opject analysis of pores inside the weld region of two copper pins

High resolution scan of FFP2 with fiber orientation analysis color-coded

High resolution scan of foam PUF sample - thickness and pore size distribution color-coded

Stag beetle

Zebrafish imaged after PTA staining

Thickness distribution of connected pore network of a foam

Thickness distribution of the wall thickness of a foam