Bruker Introduces Light-Sheet Microscope for Fast Imaging of Very Large Optically Cleared Samples

Bruker (Nasdaq: BRKR) today announced the release of the Luxendo LCS SPIM light-sheet fluorescence microscope for fast 3D imaging of large, optically cleared samples.

Luxendo LCS SPIM Provides Versatile Sample Configurations for Light-Sheet Imaging

CHICAGO, Illinois ─ October 21, 2019 ─ At Neuroscience 2019, the 49th annual meeting of the Society for Neuroscience, Bruker (Nasdaq: BRKR) today announced the release of the Luxendo LCS SPIM light-sheet fluorescence microscope for fast 3D imaging of large, optically cleared samples. Light-sheet fluorescence microscopy has emerged as a powerful method for high-resolution, cleared-sample imaging. The modular Luxendo LCS SPIM has been designed to be compatible with a broad variety of clearing solutions and sample sizes. Its new sample mounting approach and innovative optical design enables unprecedented acquisition times and minimizes sample distortions while seamlessly integrating into existing clearing and sample preparation pipelines.

About the Luxendo LCS SPIM 

The Luxendo LCS SPIM has been especially designed for fast 3D imaging of large cleared samples, extending upon the sample size capabilities of the MuVi SPIM CS. The system’s basic configuration offers a cost-effective and flexible solution for cleared sample imaging, while the modular upgradability of the optical layout expands the performance of the system to enable unparalleled speed for high-resolution imaging. 

LCS SPIM features a removable standard quartz crystal cuvette for gentle sample mounting, easy access, and compatibility to all types of clearing solutions. A motorized sample stage and a programmable optics concept for fast 3D scanning of the light-sheet through the sample minimizes the mechanical stress imposed on the sample. A cuvette filled with the clearing solution holds the specimen and is positioned on the sample stage. The typical dimensions of the cuvette (l=20 mm, w=20 mm, h=20 mm) can be selected for length (max. 40 mm) to accommodate specimens of different sizes, enabling sample imaging up to 40 mm long. This design minimizes motion-induced sample distortions, while its novel optical configuration enables highest acquisition speed. 

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