AVANCE Service and Maintenance

Introduction to AVANCE HD and AVANCE NEO Spectrometer Service and Troubleshooting


This 4 day course is designed to introduce users to the hardware of the AVANCE HD and AVANCE NEO generations of NMR spectrometers, as well as regular system maintenance and troubleshooting. Topics covered include a comprehensive hardware review, diagnostic and troubleshooting methods and techniques, and basic electronic tool usage (oscilloscope and voltmeter). Common hardware and software problems experienced by users will be reviewed, as well as preventive measures that can be taken to keep the NMR system in good working order. 

Instruction will be divided into both classroom sessions and hands-on instruction using an NMR spectrometer in small groups. In order to optimize the lab experience and ensure that all participants have an opportunity to work on the NMR system, the size of the class will be limited to 6 participants per lab instructor. 

Being that this course involves significant hands-on instruction, this course will not be offered virtually and must be attended in person in the Billerica, Massachusetts office. The only generations of NMR spectrometer that will be covered are the AVANCE HD and AVANCE NEO types. Older generations of hardware will not be discussed in any significant detail. Please specify during registration which form factor of spectrometer you wish to work with in the lab sections (Nanobay NEO, One Bay, or Two Bay model) as well as whether you wish to work with the AVANCE HD or AVANCE NEO architecture.

*There is a course minimum of 12 people. If we do not reach 12 people, the applicants for the May course will be rolled over into the November course.


Prerequisites: Familiarity with TopSpin 3.x or 4.x NMR software, ability to acquire and process NMR spectra, general familiarity with NMR terminology and theory.


Billerica MA


May 7 - 10 2024, Billerica MA (closed)
November 5 - 8 2024, Billerica MA (open)


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Billerica, MA

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